Reader Survey Q&A

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! Shei here. Yeah, I let the ball drop this past month. It got really busy and I soon forgot to make a post. Then I felt bad for not making a post… Then I kinda avoided posting because I was nervous about making the post about forgetting to post… TL;dr Sneaky self-hate/doubt-spiral. But I’m back! And I come bearing gifts… or… answers. So! You might have noticed we have a very important Reader Survey going on! If you didn’t notice, please take this moment to notice and go take our Reader Survey! Doing so helps us better […]

What’s Up Wednesday: Girl Gaming and Harassment.

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! So this week, I thought I’d talk a little about what Anna and I do when we’re not writing, editing, revising, and otherwise working our butts off! Which is mostly…gaming. πŸ™‚ Anna and I have been gamers since we met over 16 years ago (and before). We were playing Dark Age of Camelot together when we were merely sweethearts in high school (and we played it for 8 years!). We’ve been major gamers all these years, and we’ve played all genres, solo, Β with friends, and competitively. We’ve topped scoreboards, charted on leaderboards, and generally always been the […]

Sunday News: New Novella, Upcoming Novel

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Gooood morning Darksbane Fans! So this is a quick update since I did most of the updating in the recent Wednesday post even though I shouldn’t have! πŸ™‚ But we do have a good update for the week! Anna finished another novella! Steel & Steam #3 is on it’s way to publication! If you haven’t started this series yet, I can highly recommend it. Anna invented this series, setting, everything whole-cloth without my help so I’ve been enjoying it as a reader and editor and maaaan I’ve enjoyed it! Seriously epic work in an incredible world setting that I just […]

New Site, New Logo!

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Another rainy day in Florence… But I love the rain. Today is a fun day for us at the Darksbane house. πŸ™‚ Anna’s wrapping up the third Steel & Steam novella as we speak (She’ll finish today), and I’m editing it behind her. Tomorrow, we’re going to be re-outlining Risen and finalizing it so I can continue writing it without running into issues and getting lost. We meant to have this done already, but the holidays really took it out of us this year. Yes, that means Dakota is coming soon. πŸ˜‰Β  As soon as we finish Risen’s outlining, Anna’s […]