What’s Up Wednesday: Time and Game Again

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Hey Darksbane Fans! So. Time sucks. I mean, we’re on a schedule. We go to bed at 11, relax for an hour together reading, talking, etc. Sleep by 12. We’re up by 8am sharp, and start the day. And somehow between work, menial personal needs (e.g. showers, meals, tidying, etc.) spending time with the family, the pets, friends, etc, and taking our daughter to events at the library, educating her, etc… We barely have time for anything else! Who knew balancing a family and work life could be so hard, eh? πŸ˜‰ But we struggle in an hour or two […]

Sunday News: New Release plus Title Reveal

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! So today we have exciting news! First off, Anna has just released the third entry to the Steel & Steam series! You can pick up Steel, Steam, & Spirits today at Amazon Kindle Worlds! Go grab your copy today and come back to read this! We’ll wait! Got it? Awesome! πŸ˜‰ Now for the next exciting news, we’re ready to reveal to you the title of the upcoming Dying Ashes novel #2! So get ready for… Blood Red Ashes! I absolutely can’t wait to deliver this book to you. Anna’s working on the final rewrite before editing, […]

Fandom Fridays: 14 Fun Facts About Dakota

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! Today on Fandom Friday, we’re going to do a list of fun facts about Dakota. πŸ™‚ Enjoy! Dakota’s surname was almost “Tanner” but Anna said that “Dakota Tanner” sounded too similar to “Dakota Fanning” so we changed it to Shepherd. We used Tanner as Dakota’s mother’s maiden name instead, so Nan is actually Nan Tanner. Shepherd was chosen as an homage to two characters I love in Space Opera/Sci Fi. Shepherd Book from Firefly, and Commander Shepherd (Femme Shep of course!) from Mass Effect. Two of my favorite Sci-Fi series of all time! Dakota’s hair gets kinda […]

What’s Up Wednesday: Shei’s Bday!

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! Yeah, that’s why we’re late with posts this week. It’s my birthday! (Today, technically, but we celebrated Monday/Tuesday.) So basically that’s what’s up this week. I’ve been partying with my friends and family, receiving beautiful, wonderful gifts including the gayest painting ever and I love them all. Anna and I took a few days off for the birthday celebrations which turned out to be pretty good for her because her wrist has been hurting lately and it settled down over the restful days. I’m worried she might be developing carpal tunnel or other repetitive strain injuries in […]

Sunday News: On Thursday!

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Yeah, I missed Sunday. I had a lot going on. Oops, sorry. Heyo Darksbane Fans! We’re going to keep this simple and quick: We ran into a snag with Kindle Worlds while trying to publish the third Steel & Steam book. Out of our hands. Amazon is working with me to fix it, and hopefully we’ll have that one out to you very soon. (Hopefully today. Maybe tomorrow.) Anna has moved on to Dying Ashes #2 with Steel & Steam #3 in my hands to push out to KW. I continue my work on Risen with a now stronger outline. […]

Fandom Fridays: Character Inspiration 2

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! It’s time for more character inspiration pics! Get ready, for today, we will be exploring the men of Dakota’s pack.Β  Ralof, Andrei, Jack, Kenneth, and Elliot! DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of these photos, nor do we claim these are photos of our characters. These are just random images from Google searches that looked similar to what we had in our heads enough that we kept them to give an idea of what the characters look like. So now, without further adieu, I give you our character inspiration pics! Keep in mind, these are only inspiration! […]

What’s Up Wednesday: Girl Gaming and Harassment.

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! So this week, I thought I’d talk a little about what Anna and I do when we’re not writing, editing, revising, and otherwise working our butts off! Which is mostly…gaming. πŸ™‚ Anna and I have been gamers since we met over 16 years ago (and before). We were playing Dark Age of Camelot together when we were merely sweethearts in high school (and we played it for 8 years!). We’ve been major gamers all these years, and we’ve played all genres, solo, Β with friends, and competitively. We’ve topped scoreboards, charted on leaderboards, and generally always been the […]