What’s Up Wednesday: Time and Game Again

Hey Darksbane Fans!

So. Time sucks.

I mean, we’re on a schedule. We go to bed at 11, relax for an hour together reading, talking, etc. Sleep by 12. We’re up by 8am sharp, and start the day. And somehow between work, menial personal needs (e.g. showers, meals, tidying, etc.) spending time with the family, the pets, friends, etc, and taking our daughter to events at the library, educating her, etc… We barely have time for anything else! Who knew balancing a family and work life could be so hard, eh? 😉

But we struggle in an hour or two of gaming a night if we can manage it. We need something to keep our sanity and its our top hobby.

Lately, we’ve been on a Starbound kick. We’re playing heavily modded with Frackin’ Universe, and it’s fantastic.

We’re currently working on building “New Earth” on a Tabula Rasa world we found. There’s no monsters and nothing but space and resources. It’s great.
I find such games to be a great creative outlet that doesn’t involve work. I like the base-building and decorating, customization aspects, and running a colony.

Anyway, off to lunch and back to work. We’re going to Subway today. I like fresh veggies. Anna likes meat and cheese. It works!

Cheers guys, and have a good week!

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