What’s Up Wednesday: Shei’s Bday!

Heyo Darksbane Fans!

Yeah, that’s why we’re late with posts this week. It’s my birthday! (Today, technically, but we celebrated Monday/Tuesday.)

So basically that’s what’s up this week. I’ve been partying with my friends and family, receiving beautiful, wonderful gifts including the gayest painting ever and I love them all.

Anna and I took a few days off for the birthday celebrations which turned out to be pretty good for her because her wrist has been hurting lately and it settled down over the restful days. I’m worried she might be developing carpal tunnel or other repetitive strain injuries in her wrists due to how much time she spends typing. >_< Anyway, we played some Division and Starbound and had a lot of fun, and now it’s back to work. (Though gaming is always our after work recreation of choice!)

I’ve been having trouble sleeping again and the resulting back pain makes it hard for me to work for long stretches. Fortunately, stretching every hour helps. I also just got some sweet vitamin B pills that you dissolve in your mouth that give you a shot of energy and it’s helping me stay awake at my desk.

We’re expecting to release Dying Ashes #2 by early March, so yes, our schedule has been pushed back a little by the delays with Kindle Worlds I mentioned in Sunday News, and life in general, but we’re also working on a new schedule of activities to keep our publications rolling out. Our goal is to have you guys a new book to read in one of our series every month. And if all goes well, that’ll mean more Dakota, more Ashes, more Jone, more everything! And new people as well. Because we’ve got so much planned and we’ve only just begun.

Big hugs guys! We’re on our way to more awesome!

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    Shelby Boatwright

    You’re welcome for the gay painting 😉 excited for dying ashes #2 and I’m still not done with the first 😀

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