Fandom Fridays: 14 Fun Facts About Dakota

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! Today on Fandom Friday, we’re going to do a list of fun facts about Dakota. 🙂 Enjoy! Dakota’s surname was almost “Tanner” but Anna said that “Dakota Tanner” sounded too similar to “Dakota Fanning” so we changed it to Shepherd. We used Tanner as Dakota’s mother’s maiden name instead, so Nan is actually Nan Tanner. Shepherd was chosen as an homage to two characters I love in Space Opera/Sci Fi. Shepherd Book from Firefly, and Commander Shepherd (Femme Shep of course!) from Mass Effect. Two of my favorite Sci-Fi series of all time! Dakota’s hair gets kinda […]

Fandom Fridays: Character Inspiration

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Heyo Darksbane Fans! This inaugural edition of Fandom Fridays will be particularly for the Dakota fans! In this post, I’m going to share with you guys some of the photos we’ve used for inspiration for the Dakota series characters over the years.  We’ll start with Dakota, Amorie, and Raelya. 🙂 If you guys like this, I’ll do some more in the coming weeks! DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of these photos, nor do we claim these are photos of our characters. These are just random images from Google searches that looked similar to what we had in our heads […]

Seeing Your First Book in Print

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This has been a crazy year. January 1, 2015, I had no idea that in a little over six months, I would be a published author with my first book out and my second book zipping along right behind it. I had no idea I’d be able to make my own cover art, see my book in ebook format with a fancy looking cover and formatting, and then hear from people who had read my book, my story and liked it. Even loved it. I had no idea that I would be standing here one day holding a copy of my story in print. A book. […]