Synopsis Reveal for “Awakened”!

Here it is! The Synopsis for Awakened 

The first book of the new Urban Fantasy series:

“Agent Codex: Dakota Shepherd” by Shei Darksbane.

You can’t unsee the truth.

Dakota Shepherd had a normal life until she Awakened and gained the power to control Hellfire. Now she must come to terms with the staggering truths of the world around her, and the secrets of her own past that have been kept from her all along:

Can a werewolf who can’t shift still be part of the pack?
Can a vampire really be in love?
And who tampered with her memories, causing her to forget what she really is?

Now something stalks her in the shadows, threatening her new family, her girlfriend, and her life. Solving the mysteries of her past may be the key to saving herself from the ancient terror that hunts her in the night.

Sounds like fun, right? 
“Agent Codex” is a working title for the series, so it could possibly change. If it does, we’ll be sure to let you know here before release! We’ve been trying to find a perfect word to describe the series, and “Agent Codex” is the best we have so far. Codex is a definite keeper, but we’re still on the lookout for a possibly better word to evoke the feeling of a Urban Fantasy world where one major power is a supernatural investigation organization which each of the main characters in this world-setting would be involved with. In the future, we’ll be writing more than one series in this setting, and changing the series title to reflect the new character (i.e. replacing “Dakota Shepherd” with the other series’ main character’s name.) but we plan to keep “Agent Codex” the same so that it’s obvious we’re still working in the same world setting.

What do you think? Does “Agent Codex” have a nice ring to it? Do you have a better idea you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

(Changed this to reflect the update to “Agent Codex” from “Casefile Codex”.)

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