Sci Fi & Fantasy, but with lesbians.

I am so excited about the upcoming release of Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory by Barbara Ann Wright, my favorite author of lesbian fantasy. She announced that the book was available today and I scurried over to Amazon to find it on pre-order for September 14th. Darn it! I really wanted that book now! 🙂

But it’s for the best. I’m so busy writing the next installment to the Dakota Shepherd series (this one is a short story to hold you all over until the release of book 3) and working on the cover art for the debut release of my wife’s series. Meanwhile, I’ve been catching up on the Monkey Queen books by Robert Dahlen (such a cute, fun series featuring geek girls with major shipping potential, and maybe more! I’m reading on to find out!)

But still, I wish I could get Thrall yesterday. I’ve loved Ms. Wright’s works since I picked up The Pyramid Waltz years ago and I’ve devoured everything she’s put out since. I’m eagerly looking forward to all of her new upcoming releases which live across a variety of SciFi&Fantasy genres. Lesbian Vikings? Yes, please! Lesbians in space? I’ll take it! Contemporary fantasy about a modern girl meeting Medusa and romantic stuff happens? Oh, goddess, yes! I need all these stories yesterday.

One of the things I love about Ms. Wright’s stories is they’re the stories I’ve always wanted and pined for. Great fantasy, great stories, but the main characters just happen to be lesbians. That’s what I’ve always wanted and rarely found. That’s what I set out to make more of when I started writing my Dakota Shepherd series. Not “lesbian fantasy” so much as “fantasy, but with lesbians”.

I adore Ms. Wright’s works, and I wish I could find more like them. Maybe I have with the series I’m reading at the moment, but I won’t know til I finish the next book at least, I suspect. I find it sad I can count the number of books of the sort that I’ve found on one hand. I seriously hope to find more, and if anyone knows of any, feel free to leave it in the comments.



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