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7 thoughts on “Thank you For Signing Up”

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      Hey Demetra!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Updates are posted on my Patreon and in our Newsletter when I don’t update here.
      I’m currently working on book 4 of Dakota with some reworks to the first and second book coming as well.
      Did you see the short I wrote for Halloween called Elisa’s Gift?
      That was the first piece of Dakota fiction I’ve released since book 3. It’s short but a little something fun.

      Thankfully my health as improved enough that I’m back at it full time.
      I appreciate your patience and I hope I won’t have to keep you waiting much longer.

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    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all your Arcadia series stories so far but have to ask how do I find the last listed title in the series “Saviour of Arcadia” I’m desperate to read it so please reply at your earliest convenience

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