“Real Books”

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I was reading an article today by author Hugh Howey about the shifts in the industry from printed books to e-books and how traditional publishers are generally fighting back against indie publishers, Amazon distribution, and anything else that’s threatening to cut out their stranglehold on book sales. It was an interesting and extensive article on a topic that should matter to anyone interested in publishing a book of their own, but the part that really catches my attention is the idea that some people actually prefer printed books over e-readers these days. I don’t really understand this idea personally. I […]

Cupcake’s New Bookshelf (Plus a little art.)

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In the middle of rearranging and tidying up her room, my Cupcake and I decided it was really a bummer that her bookshelf was so tiny. Books were stuffed in the little sling shelf’s two tiny rows ’til they stuck out at all angles like a little cactus of books with corners here and there, and papers sliding out between the covers as the shelf struggled to contain them. “It’s too bad we don’t have a bookshelf for you that’s big enough to hold all of your books.” I lamented as I eyed the woefully stacked library books in the […]