Shei Darksbane

Shei Darksbane is a geeky, pansexual bluenette with a passion for writing stories that keep her fans smiling so hard they can’t put them down! She’s a jack-of-all-trades with 1-2 skill points in dozens of random crafts, but mostly loves writing, digital arts, and singing! Writing comes naturally to Shei as an outlet for her overactive imagination and the endless supply of characters and stories constantly badgering her for some screen time. Nothing makes her happier than when a fan reports they’ve found themselves in a character or tells her their OTP for Dakota!

Shei could claim many labels, but she’d rather be known as a lover of life, culture, and humanity who wishes everyone could simply accept each other and love the diversity of the world. Her biggest goal as an author is to represent of all kinds of people across every spectrum and portray them as they are in real life: human, just like everyone else. Shei would love all her readers to find themselves in her characters and feel accepted.

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Current Projects
Risen (Dakota Book 4) - Outlined, Drafting