Privacy Policy

What information we collect:

Technically none. We let Mailchimp record your data when you sign up for our newsletter, and we don’t personally store any of your data at all. However, Mailchimp does store the information you enter when you sign up for our mailing list, but it’s cool. They’re totally GDPR compliant and your info is safe with them. We also don’t ask for any sensitive info in our Mailchimp signup form. Email address, your chosen alias, and Country of Origin (which is just for GDPR compliance, again. That and we’ll think it’s cool to see people from other countries on our list.)

We updated the signup form to ask “What should we call you?” Rather than for a first and last name. We don’t need to know, or even want to know what your legal name is. It doesn’t matter to us. We just want to know what you’d like to be called so we can talk to you like a human being. 🙂 That’s all we ever wanted. Never used your first and last name for anything more than an identifying tag. Your name and email combo is safe with us.

That’s it! Darksbane Books does not and will not ever sell or exchange your info to anyone else for any reason. The only use we get from your alias and email is to send you emails from our own list about our own site. We don’t use it for anything else, except maybe our own personal analytics (which is fancy-talk for “looking at the list and deciding who isn’t active so we might remove them”).

Have any questions about how your information is handled? Shoot us a line! We’re always here to talk.

Thanks, and happy internetting!