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Do you totally geek out over our books? Major Dakota fan? So in love with Andrei? Shipping Damorie or Raekota? Freaking out over how Awesome Prisoner 286 is? or Dying to know more about Captain Branwen’s homeworld?
Want to be the first to read a new Darksbane Books release?
Get free books before everyone else?
Help us reach more fans and gain more footing with Amazon so we can keep delivering you awesome stories?

Then you should join our ARC Team!


Join our ARC Team to get early access to new releases before anyone else. You’ll receive a free copy of each new book before it goes on sale. Keep reading for details!

Here’s What You Get:

  1. FREE digital copies of new Darksbane Books releases that you can read before anyone else!
  2. Access to special offers exclusive to this list only!
  3. Updates and Information on what we’re working on.
  4. Q&A Opportunities with the authors of Darksbane Books.
  5. Access to a special members-only forum where you can interact with other Darksbane Books geeks and authors.
  6. More to come!

Here’s What You’ll Need To Do In Return:

In exchange for all of the above, I ask only two things from you:

  1. Leave an honest review on Amazon during the book’s launch week.
  2. Do at least ONE thing on social media to help spread the word on release day! You could share my Facebook Announcement, Send a Tweet, Instagram a pic, post about my book on your favorite Goodreads group or a forum where such posts are appreciated and allowed, whatever you’re into!

If you want to help even more, there are plenty of ways (not required):

  1. Read the book through Kindle Unlimited (if you have a sub, why not? It helps us more!)
  2. Leave an honest review on Goodreads!
  3. Do MORE Social media things. 🙂
  4. Buy a copy of the book for a friend or family member.
  5. Reshare my Facebook Posts from the Darksbane Books page.
  6. Talk about our books on your Facebook wall. Word-of-mouth is golden.


  1. You’ll receive digital copies of our books for free, usually a week or so before launch. You have a week* after launch to post an honest review of the book on Amazon. The earlier you post, the more it helps us, so please keep that in mind.
  2. If you don’t post a review within a week of launch on two consecutive launches, you’ll be removed from the ARC team. Sorry, but this team will be limited to those who keep up with their end of the deal.
  3. If you have some kind of emergency and it stops you from fulfilling your review within the time-table, shoot me an email and we’ll work it out.
  4. You will receive a copy of each new release. This copy is for your eyes only. You are not permitted to share the file with anyone else, nor shall you post it online. These works are copyrighted.
  5. To join the team, you have to have reviewed at least one of our books so far. You can provide me a link with proof in the form below.
  6. If you find you hate the book partway through and don’t want to finish it, please email me to discuss. I won’t insist you finish a book you hate, but I’d prefer you didn’t review a book you didn’t finish also.
  7. Any questions? Ask me. is always open.

* If we don’t get the book to you a week before launch, this time limit will extend accordingly. You’ll always have at least two weeks to read the book and post a review.


***Amazon Reviewer Account Link:
1. Go here:

2. Click on the link that says Public Reviews Written By You

3. Click on the link in the top left-hand corner that says Your Profile. This should bring you to your Amazon Reviewer Profile Page. The link at the top of the page will look something like this

4. Post that link into the “Amazon Reviewer Account” field above.