Annathesa Nikola Darksbane loves writing books her readers can’t put down, which you may or may not have figured out already. As a storyteller with over twenty years experience and quite a few published titles, there’s nothing she’d rather be doing, even though she’s done everything from engineering to game creation and Aikido. When not writing, she loves studying martial arts, philosophy, psychology, and the future of cutting edge science.

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Tales from the Ashes

Sister series to Dying Ashes, Tales from the Ashes is a series of short stories filling in the gaps between books, and adding additional details about the characters you love! Available for purchase on Amazon for $0.99, or for our $1 and up Patrons over on Patreon. All our shorts are automatically added to our Patrons Only Library, so be sure to join up for access to all our extras including flash fiction, character and worldbuilding info, artwork, wallpapers, and more.

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Unpublished Titles, Returning Soon:

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Current Projects
Dying Ashes book 5 Outline 90%
Steel & Steam series rewrite 66%
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